Nintendo has been partnered with mobile developer DeNA since 2015, but they’ve decided to expand their production of smart device games further since then. DeNA owns 24% of a Japanese developer called Cygames, and Nintendo has just announced that they’ve decided to invest in the company as well.

After purchasing a 5% stake in Cygames, Nintendo has revealed that they’re collaborating with them on an upcoming mobile game. The co-developed game is an RPG called Dragalia Lost, and Nintendo and Cygames are aiming to release it this Summer in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Nintendo also plans to bring Dragalia Lost to North America and Europe in time.

An announcement trailer has been released for the game, showing off its characters and anime-style visuals. The game’s official Japanese website is now live, and Japanese players can already pre-register for it. According to analyst and Kantan Games CEO Serkan Toto, Dragalia Lost has been confirmed to feature a free-to-play pricing model.

Source: Nintendo

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