Mario will be hopping off the Wii U GamePad and onto your phones and tablets soon. Nintendo is releasing their first smart device application by the end of this fiscal year. It will work in conjunction with the upcoming Wii U title Mario Kart 8.

In a recent fiscal meeting, Nintendo announced their upcoming smartphone and tablet application, a first for the company. The app is called “Mario Kart TV,”
a name that will seem familiar to those who have been following the game. In Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart TV allows the sharing of gameplay videos and rankings. The smart device app will serve the same function. Now you’ll be able to know when I beat your time on Rainbow Road right away. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

Want to see what the app looks like? Look below!

Not too much to see yet, but it’s a nice glimpse into the future. It’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo takes advantage of smart device technology in the future.

Source: Twitter

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