Dan Adelman spent the past nine years working at Nintendo, reaching out to indie developers to help them finish and publish their games. Recently, Adelman left Nintendo to go “indie” himself, and now works one-on-one with developers. Adelman has just announced the first game he’ll be helping out with, and although it’s not on Nintendo platforms, Nintendo fans should be interested all the same. Axiom Verge is a “Metroidvania” style action-platformer, and Adelman calls it one of the best games in that style that he’s seen in years.

Prior to today,
Axiom Verge had been a one man venture, with developer Tom Happ working hard for five years to bring his idea to life. Just prior to PAX, Happ sent Adelman a build of his game, and Adelman fell in love. He was particularly impressed with how tight and responsive the controls were and how well-designed the different rooms are. We look forward to hearing more about Axiom Verge going forward, and we’ll have more big news on Dan Adelman later today, so keep your eyes peeled!

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