Nintendo is usually seen as a video game company, but CEO Satoru Iwata has spoken in recent months about expanding the Nintendo brand to include other forms of entertainment. The first step in this direction is to launch non-wearable devices designed to improve consumers’ quality of life. The first of these QOL devices was recently revealed to be a bedside monitor that records data from your sleep patterns and helps you determine how to improve the quality of your sleep. Nintendo is expected to announce more QOL devices in the future, and according to Iwata, the QOL business will likely be subscription-based.

Nintendo’s past business models have been mainly purchase-based models, but for this type of business, we understand that a subscription-based model, where companies and consumers keep long-term relationships, is more suitable. Specific details such as the initial price and ongoing fees will be elaborated on around the time we are ready to show you the actual products as well as the nature of the actual services.
— Satoru Iwata

Nintendo’s goal is to apply their video game know-how of keeping players entertained and coming back for more to health and fitness products. If Nintendo offered a variety of fun and effective QOL devices, would you be willing to pay a subscription?

Source: Nintendo

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