Pokémon GO is out now in the United States, Japan, and Australia, and a global launch shouldn’t be too far behind. The immensely popular mobile game is pulling in some serious revenue, which is great news for Nintendo as they invested money in Pokémon GO, aided in development, and also have a 32% share in The Pokémon Company.

Following the initial release of the game, Nintendo’s stock
jumped 10% overnight in Japan, and it continued to skyrocket when the market opened again, giving Nintendo its best day in the market since 1983. Stock trading is done for the day in Japan, but the market is still active in the West, and Nintendo continues to climb. Nintendo’s stock is currently (as of 12:43 PM Eastern time) up by a whopping 35.31%. This puts Nintendo’s value at its highest point since May of 2011. Of course, it’s still only a fraction of what it was during the height of Wii and DS in 2007, but it’s a huge improvement over recent years.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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