Tomorrow (or later today, depending on your time zone), Nintendo executives like President Tatsumi Kimishima and longtime developer Shigeru Miyamoto will be meeting with investors and shareholders for a quarterly briefing. Nintendo will announce its sales figures and earnings for the past three months, and they’ll also highlight some of their upcoming plans for the next quarter, including giving more details on their upcoming mobile app, Miitomo.

The last investor briefing was a rough outing for Nintendo, as the announcement that
their mobile plans were delayed caused the company’s stock to plummet. Heading into the next briefing, it appears that investors are expecting some good news, as Nintendo’s stock is trending upwards by about 4% for the day. As Nintendo opens up about their financial state and takes questions from shareholders and reporters over the next two days, we could see that number fluctuate quite a bit. Hopefully it won’t be a repeat of three months ago.

Source: Google Finance

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