Back in July, Pokémon GO was absolutely dominating the mobile revenue and download charts around the globe, causing Nintendo’s stock to skyrocket to its highest point in years. However, the company’s value took a huge hit when investors learned that Pokémon GO‘s strong start wouldn’t boost Nintendo’s annual financial forecast. That value began to climb again in August, and it has been boosted by announcements like Super Mario Run.

Over four months later, Nintendo’s stock is still rising, and it’s almost back to those pre-crash
Pokémon GO hype levels. After Nintendo brought Super Mario Run, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch console into the national spotlight on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, their stock jumped another 3.65%, bringing the company’s market cap to ¥4.14 trillion, or just under $36 billion.

This is the highest Nintendo has been valued since July 19th at the height of the
Pokémon GO craze. That spike was largely fueled by misinformed investors who assumed Nintendo would be making the majority of the profits from Niantic’s game, but this more gradual increase is actually based on Nintendo products.

Source: Google Finance

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