Niantic Labs recently released Pokémon GO into the wild, and the mobile app has been an almost unbelievable success. Pokémon GO quickly jumped to the top of the download charts, and it became number one in mobile revenue in record-breaking time. All of this hype has been hugely beneficial to Nintendo, and their stock value has been absolutely skyrocketing ever since Pokémon GO released.

Nintendo’s stock just climbed another 14.36%, pushing it to the highest point in over six years. Nintendo’s market cap is now ¥4.5 trillion, or approximately $42 billion. This means Nintendo’s value has more than doubled since
Pokémon GO came out, and it also means that Nintendo is now worth more Sony, as they have a market cap of ¥4.09 trillion. Those impressive numbers will likely continue to grow as Pokémon GO continues to roll out in over 200 regions. If you were thinking about buying Nintendo stock, two weeks ago would have been a great time!

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