Nintendo, as a very traditionally Japanese company, is often seen by many in the video game industry as being a company that’s slow to change or adapt, sticking with what they know. However, that’s not always the case, as we’ve seen Nintendo make some pretty bold innovations, including non-traditional hardware like Wii, 3DS, and Wii U. Nintendo of America Vice President Scott Moffitt talked about taking risks recently, and according to him, it’s something that is “woven into [Nintendo’s] DNA” and a “bedrock value” for the company. Here are his full statements on the matter:

“It’s in our DNA, it’s what makes us tick, and it’s what brought all of us to Nintendo. We like to be a company that’s willing to take some risks on a franchise like Splatoon, propose new forms of gaming to gamers, and see what their reactions are. Often times, those [ideas] work, sometimes they don’t, it’s always risky to be an innovator, but that is woven into our DNA and is a bedrock value for Nintendo. I think gamers have come to appreciate that from us, but also to respect it and expect it. They want us challenging the norms and challenging conventions, and I think that’s part of our role in the broader industry.”
— Scott Moffitt

Moffitt mentions
Splatoon, which is a game that almost ended up as a Mario spin-off. Nintendo instead decided it to launch as a new IP, and that risk paid off, as Splatoon has already sold over 1.6 million copies. Do you think Nintendo takes the right amount of risk?

Source: Examiner

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