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No, GameStop Didn’t Leak New Smash Bros. Fighters


Earlier this month we got the exciting news that Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch. The latest iteration of Nintendo’s popular fighting series will add Splatoon‘s Inklings as playable characters, but who else could be joining the roster? There’s a story going around that GameStop just leaked multiple characters in an advertisement for Smash preorders, but it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

The rumor started when someone named “sonic06apologist” (we’re off to a good start already) posted an image of what appears to be a GameStop advertisement for
Super Smash Bros. featuring the Grass Type Pokémon Decidueye, Bomberman, a female Inkling, the Ice Climbers, and Spring Man from ARMS.

The closer you look at the image, the more apparent it becomes that it’s not a real announcement. The logo used is clearly from the Wii U game, as the Switch version was notably altered. The artwork for most of the characters is old, existing artwork rather than new looks designed for
Smash, and Bomberman is actually ripped from popular YouTube channel Smashified’s model. Eventually another Twitter user named Milo Williams stepped forward to claim the artwork as his, directing everyone in the thread to an image posted on Flickr over a year ago.

Smash fans, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for any official reveals. In the meantime, GameStop might want to be careful about what kind of images they use for their displays, if that picture was indeed legitimately taken in a GameStop.

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