Over the course of late 2012 and early 2013, publisher THQ went bankrupt, and its assets were liquidated. All of the franchises, intellectual properties, and studios controlled by THQ were either bought off one by one or dissolved. As part of this process, Nordic Games acquired the rights to Darksiders and Red Faction. Reinhard Pollice, Nordic Games’ product development director, gave some hints about the future of these two franchises in a recent interview. As it turns out, Darksiders III and a new Red Faction game are both planned, and the former is a bit further along in conception. Hit the jump for more details.

Speaking with GenGAME owner and manager Mases Hagopian, Pollice promised an ‘awesome’ future for Darksiders, and told fans to keep their eyes peeled for new information.

Mases: Is there anything we can look forward too? Are you close to any sort of announcement?

Pollice: Definitely don’t pull it off the radar. Just watch out. Check out what we’re announcing. There will be a future for Darksiders. There has to be a future for Darksiders…

Mases: There has to be a future for Darksiders.

Pollice: …and it will be awesome. Darksiders is always awesome and it will continue to be awesome. It’s a rule. That’s like a rule. In the rules of the world, it is written, Darksiders must be be awesome, or is awesome.

Pollice also indicated that there were plans in place for a new Red Faction game, but indicated that those plans weren’t quite as far along as Darksiders. Pollice was unable to comment on whether development is being handled internally or with a partner.

You can read the full interview at: GenGAME.net

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