Nordic Games out of Austria picked up several of THQ’s IPs during the collapsing company’s liquidation sale, among them
Before the franchise changed hands, however, it had been removed from
the EU Nintendo eShop for reasons unknown. Now that Nordic has control
of it,
Darksiders 2 is back on the Wii U digital marketplace.
Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice said they wanted to return it to the eShop
because, being fans of both the newly acquired series and Nintendo in
general, they want to
“make Darksiders available to as [many] people as possible.” The series has been said to take a great deal of inspiration from the Zelda series, so it is likely right at home on the Wii U.

Nordic picked up a fair few of THQ’s old IP—more than 150 individual titles among them—during the auction, though they do not have plans of bringing any of the others to the Wii U. Not yet, at least. Pollice said Nordic is
“carefully watching the WiiU situation, but for now we don’t have
any more plans about titles other than what[‘]s available.”

In addition to
Darksiders, Nordic now has control over Red Faction, MX vs. ATV, Destroy All Humans,
Frontlines, Full Spectrum Warrior, Juiced, Stuntman, Supreme Commander, and Titan Quest. They have already started making plans for the development of larger titles, like Darksiders, MX, and Red Faction, and will consider reviving some of the smaller ones on a case-by-case basis.

They seem to have a pretty good idea of how to go about it, too. Lars Wingefors, owner and CEO of
Nordic Games Group AB, said:

“In the long term, we either want to cooperate with the original
creators or best possible developers in order to work on sequels or
additional content for these titles. A very important point for us
is not to dash into several self-financed multi-million dollar projects
right away, but rather to continue our in-depth analysis of all titles
and carefully selecting different financing models for developing new
installments of acquired IPs.” — Lars Wingefors

Source: Polygon

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