It’s easy to forget just how many properties Disney owns. Considering the behemoth of Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Muppets, and so many more acquisitions along with hundreds of old properties, it’s understandable for a few franchises to get lost in the jumble. However, old fan favorites are still on the minds of Disney Infinity developers. According to recent comments, the game creators have fought for the inclusion of characters such as Darkwing Duck. In the future, these dreams may become reality.

“In terms of Star Wars content, there’s definitely more Star Wars coming out. What these guys have been saying is that Disney Infinity is a platform for all the IP across the company, Star Wars being part of that. You’ll see more. As more movies and TV shows come out and there’s evaluation of what we can support, I think Infinity is going to support all the IP across the company. As Lucas comes out with more IP and more Star Wars.”
— Ada Duan, VP of Business and Franchise Management at Lucasfilm

However, it seems like
Disney Infinity is more focused on promoting new properties instead of old ones.

“I’ll be like, please, can we do
Secret of Monkey Island? And [Ada will] say, ‘Can we talk about how relevant this is? There are so many other things we could do.'” — John Vignocchi, VP of Production at Disney Interactive

“We have so much new content coming out. It’s natural that we’re going to want things to be supported coming up. It’s not out of the question [that we’d approve something from the archives], but I feel like there’s so much new that that’s probably going to be the focus.”
— Ada Duan

“We’re listening to the fans. We do the Facebook fan stuff all the time. We do these informal polls, and they wind up in the senior executive meetings with guys throwing stuff around and yelling at each other. ‘OK, this is what the fan poll said we should be doing, these characters.’ That’s how I lost Darkwing Duck to Olaf this year.”
— John Vignocchi

Damn you, Olaf.

We may be seeing franchises return in the form of
Disney Infinity sometime in the future. However, the developers might have to exhaust their supply of Star Wars and the like before we see Darkwing Duck make a return.

Source: Polygon

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