Next month, three new Wii U bundles will be released throughout Europe. Each comes with a Wii U of varying hard drive capacity and two games, though their prices will vary based on bundle and retailer.

On November 8, the Mario and Luigi Premium Pack hits store shelves. The bundle comes with a standard black 32GB Wii U and a unique game disk that includes both Super Mario Bros. U and Super Luigi U.

The second bundle comes out on November 15, exactly one week later. Called the Wii Party U Basic Pack, this one comes with a white 8GB Wii U, a Wii Motion Plus remote, and standard retail copies of Nintendo Land and Wii Party U.

The third bundle, dubbed the Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack, releases November 22, another week after the second. It, like the Party Pack, comes with an 8GB Wii U, Wii Motion Plus remote, and Nintendo Land, but trades the second title in for Just Dance 2014.

If you live in Europe and do not have a Wii U yet, November may be your chance.

Source: Nintendo World Report

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