Few franchises have had a bigger impact on the video game industry than The Legend of Zelda, and arguably the most influential and beloved of all the Zelda games is Ocarina of Time. The legendary tale of the Hero of Time and his battle against Ganon captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans and inspired countless games. Today this classic adventure celebrates a major milestone.

Ocarina of Time made its debut on Nintendo 64 on November 21, 1998, which makes today its 20th anniversary. Over the next few weeks, it expanded beyond its original Japanese launch to customers in North America, Europe, and Australia, and it quickly became a global phenomenon. With over 7 million sales on Nintendo 64 and millions more from the 3DS remake, Ocarina of Time remains one of the most popular entries in the franchise to this day, and for good reason.

Sure, looking back now some of the mechanics feel dated compared to modern Zelda games, but who can forget that sense of childlike wonder that was felt up seeing a 3D Hyrule Field for the first time? Or the big twist that occurs when you finally pull the Master Sword from its pedestal? Or the shock and dread of taking your first steps into the twisted, dark world of Hyrule as Adult Link?

Ocarina of Time was a world of wonder filled with memorable characters, iconic boss battles, beautiful music, an innovative combat style, and a beautiful story. It truly earned the title of “Legend.” Happy anniversary, and here’s to another 20 years of loving this Zelda classic!

Ben Lamoreux


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