Super Mario Odyssey was one of the most critically-acclaimed games of 2017. There are plenty of reasons for 3D Mario‘s Switch debut to receive such accolades, and one is an excellent and memorable soundtrack. The music of Odyssey is sure to inspire young musicians, and we’re already starting to see this happen.

Reddit user Neptvnian is a high school sophomore who took the initiative to arrange the music of
Odyssey‘s Steam Gardens for a jazz band performance. Neptvnian, who plays the keyboard, got his arrangement approved by the director, and they recently performed it at a concert.

As you can see from the above video, they did a pretty fantastic job for a high school band, and it was well received. Neptvnian is hoping to do more video game arrangements in the future. Others in the band have suggested music from
Zelda as his next challenge, and he’s considering it.

Our Verdict

I arranged Steam Gardens from Mario Odyssey for my school’s jazz band and we played it at our concert! from r/NintendoSwitch


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