1. I see mic technology makes a huge downgrade in 2052

  2. ….And it’ll be the only game on the ps8 worth playing.😅

  3. If Bethesda is still so desperate to remain relevant at that point that they think yet another port of the okayest game they’ve ever made is a good idea, then not even the shameless nostalgia whores would be able to save them.

    But to be fair, Skyrim does look pretty awesome if you compare it exclusively to other Bethesda games.

  4. At this point I’m half expecting them to go the other direction and port Skyrim to the PS1 and 2.

  5. I already have an exclusive screenshot sent to me by Todd Howard, himself.

  6. Bethesda has been really disappointing as of late what with fallout76 and the constant rerelease of skyrim

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