Oh…Poor Vita πŸ˜†


  1. Oh look, is the Persona 4 Golden machine

  2. I owned a Vita. When it came out it was, to my knowledge, the most powerful handheld console but the problem was how expensive the memory cards were, plus the rise of mobile gaming at the time. A real shame if you ask me.

  3. The vita had so much potential. Sony really messed up on that one.

  4. Matteo Buono BAHAHAHA I forgot these were things tho

  5. My vita and games covered 60% of the cost of the switch. Only reason i got the switch is because it is the first console to release non family games.

    Final fantasy 7 to 12
    Resident evil
    Witcher 3

    Which is what i expected the vita to run

  6. Poor Vita…you were greatness unrealized

  7. Vita has the best d-pad Sony’s ever made.

  8. Least it has cross play.

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