As part of the celebration of Pokémon‘s 20th anniversary, The Pokémon Company decided to air a commercial during the Super Bowl (you can watch the extended version here) for the first time ever. The Super Bowl averaged over 119 million love viewers at any given time, giving the commercial plenty of exposure. Soon after, we learned that it was one of the Super Bowl’s most popular commercials, with 88% of its social media mentions being positive.

Just how much did people love the commercial? A few more social media stats have been released by social media insights firm Canvs, including the fact that one in ten people who watched it say they cried. Of the 11,461 tweets about the commercial when it aired, 4,230 of them (36.9%) were considered to be “genuine emotional responses.” Canvs also categorized two-third of all social media engagements regarding the commercial as falling into the “love” category. That’s some pretty positive feedback!

Source: Canvs (via Venture Beat)

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