Crytek’s Ryse, the third-person ancient Roman action game that made waves at E3 this year, has been met with a somewhat lukewarm reaction since it hit store shelves a few weeks ago. The consensus on the Xbox One exclusive among critics and fans seems to be that the game is a great showcase of the Xbox One’s graphical capabilities, while the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

But this hasn’t stopped PlayStation 4 and PC owners from wanting a piece of the Ryse pie. An online petition has been posted on to bring Ryse to both PlayStation 4 and PC, and it is getting very close to its goal of 1,500 signatures. As of this writing, it is hovering just below 13,000.

If you own a PlayStation 4 or a PC and just couldn’t bring yourself to buy an Xbox One, but still have a craving for some of that ancient Roman action, then make your way over to and sign that petition. Who knows, it might just get Crytek’s attention and convince them to give PlayStation 4 its own exclusives in the future.


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