A few days ago, Bungie officially announced Destiny 2, followed by a teaser trailer and later, finally, an official reveal trailer. Now, I’m a self-professed Destiny mega-fan, so take my frenetic ravings with a grain of salt. But by just looking at the new trailer, it is clear that Destiny 2 will far surpass the original, specifically in the area of story. I’m not blinded by my love for the original Destiny so much that I didn’t see the problems with it. A very weak, vanilla story campaign that was made better through paid DLC was the biggest criticism I have for the game, and Destiny 2 obviously aims to change that.

The first teaser trailer starts out with a comedic and action packed monologue from Cade-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion) that briefly tells the story of the fall of the Tower. The primary safe space for the entire first game has been destroyed, and the last city is being attacked. This explains why players won’t have access to their loot collections, what with everything being blown to smithereens. In the short, one-minute trailer, we already see more comedy and genuine interaction than almost the entire story of the first game.

It only gets better when we move to the official reveal trailer (which you can watch below). To provide a brief summary, vanguard leaders Commander Zavala and Cade-6 give rallying speeches to expectant crowds of mixed guardians and citizens. It’s explained that the Red Legion, a group of Cabal led by a menacing creature named Ghual, has attacked the last city on Earth with plans to wipe out the guardians. Oh, and the guardians no longer have their space-magic powers, and ghosts are nowhere to be seen during the trailer.

Why is this trailer so significant? We actually get to see the citizens that our guardians are supposed to protect. Primary story characters finally have meaningful and/or funny dialogue. Instead of having a vague threat of “darkness” like in the first game, there is a real and pressing conflict that players need to address. In short, we have a real story this time. Bungie actually listed a “dramatic, cinematic story with relatable characters” in its press release. This fact alone promises to create a better game in Destiny 2.

Bungie has promised that players will be exploring entire new planets in
Destiny 2. There will be, of course, new loot, new PvP maps, new game modes, new customization options, and new enemies. The game is coming to PC this time around (woohoo!), a return to the platform which Bungie hasn’t worked on for ages. A beta for preorder holders will be done this summer, and the game will finally release on September 8th.

IGN also did an excellent break-down of the trailer, which you should also watch

What do you think about the trailers, the fact the game is coming to PC, or the promised “cinematic” story? Let us know in the comments!

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