1. That has a name: Ubisoft

  2. Definitely if they bring back Rocky.

  3. This one got me

  4. Mitch Ubisoft……🤣

  5. WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth for PS2 has it, at the rhythm of ‘Beautiful People’ by Marilyn Manson.

  6. Skyrim is just one giant out take of a game lol

  7. Some things are too hilarious to fix.

  8. So does Rockstar, Ubisoft, Bioware etc.

  9. But where’s the lie?

  10. Hohohoho… but really tho, how do I get out of bloopers mode?

  11. I’m dumb because I tried to hit like in the picture 😓

  12. 😂😂 Skyrim, first death EVER was because I tripped on a skull during tutorial cave and it glitched so the skull basically bounced between my legs like a soccer ball

  13. Conker’s Bad Fur Day literally ends with a game-freezing glitch

  14. Donkey Kong 64 when you completed the game to 100% you’ll getting some funny outtakes from the Donkey Kong Cast (sadly not from deveopment, but hey better than nothing)🤣🤣

  15. But maybe it’s also just a feature!

  16. Fallout Online…it just works.

  17. It’s a feature 🙂

  18. Loved the God of war video showcasing weird issues during development

  19. Haha shots fired

  20. Who went to like the post but it took them into the picture.

  21. They are features not bugs.

  22. World in conflict does that and it’s great

  23. Sega* lets you experience them in game

  24. Good luck not running into any glitches in massive scale games 👍

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