For those who cannot wait to get their hands on SEGA’s next 3D remaster project, you won’t have to wait much longer. Out Run was originally released in 1986 in arcades everywhere, featuring a cabinet that resembled a slick sports car. Out Run is the third game in SEGA’s 3D remaster project second series, and the eleventh 3D remaster overall. In an interview with SEGA Blog, the developers discussed the transition Out Run went through while being ported to the Nintendo 3DS.

From a game design standpoint, the developer’s goal was to figure out how to improve on the original while maintaining Out Run‘s classic feel. In order to achieve this balance, SEGA AM2 decided on experimenting with the game’s frame rate. The original arcade game ran at 30 FPS, which was unique to games from that era. For the remaster, the developers designed the game’s roads to run at 60 FPS while all other objects fly by the player at 30 FPS.

In addition to the frame rate upgrade, Out Run will feature widescreen support. The original game ran a 4:3 display, which has been updated to widescreen for the upcoming release. This enhancement allows for more of the game to be seen, revealing previously unseen parts of the game.

Out Run will be released on the Nintendo eShop on March 12, 2015.

Source: SEGA Blog (via Nintendo Life)

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