During the last week of October, Niantic decided to spice up Pokémon GO with a special Halloween event. From October 26th through November 1st, players earned double candy and “spooky” Pokémon became far more common. The event was a huge success, propelling the app back to the top of the mobile revenue charts. Since then, Niantic has reported to Games Radar that a whopping 1.3 billion ghost Pokémon were caught during the event.

According to Niantic, Gastly was the most popular Pokémon during the event, followed by Cubone and Drowzee. It seems that they’re counting all of the “spooky” Pokémon in their 1.3 billion figure, rather than specifically limiting it to actual Ghost types. No matter how you count it, that’s a ton of Pokémon-catching!

Source: Games Radar

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