As part of the Overwatch Anniversary celebrations, Blizzard Entertainment has partnered with ARTtitude to create 48 beautiful console controllers. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have 24 custom designs respectively, each representing one of Overwatch‘s playable heroes.

Those of us living in Europe will have a chance to win one of the unique pieces
“through various contests and giveaways.” For those of us more unlucky or geographically awry, a browse through the impressive models may yet soothe the spirits.

European Overwatch blog announced earlier this week that these controllers are each a “unique numbered piece,” handmade by “talented European street artists.”

Announcements will likely come through the
@OverwatchEU and @PlayOverwatch twitter accounts for competitions. IGN UK has already started with a Genji-themed PlayStation 4 controller in a tweet earlier today. You can get involved by following their twitter accounts for more information.

Which is your favorite design so far? Will you be entering the contests? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Overwatch Blog

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