After much anticipation, it seems that Blizzard is finally bringing a “Deathmatch” mode to its popular multiplayer shooter, Overwatch. In Deathmatch mode, the goal is simply to kill as many enemy players as possible. Such modes are standard in most multiplayer shooting games, but this is the first time that this simple game mode is coming to Overwatch, as the game’s battle modes have always been a little more strategic and teamwork-oriented.

In Deathmatch Mode, you can participate in both team matches and free-for-all matches. In team matches, the goal is simply to kill as many players on the opposite team as possible, and the first team to reach thirty kills is declared the victor; in free-for-all matches, every player fights on his or her own, and the first player to reach 20 kills wins. Blizzard is also releasing an all-new map for Deathmatch, Château Guillard, and slight changes are being implemented in other maps to make them more compatible with the new game mode.

An early version of Deathmatch Mode is already available through the Public Test Realm on PC, so you can test the new mode for yourself. So far, Blizzard has not confirmed when the mode will be coming to consoles, but we can expect it to be released sometime soon.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to try out Deathmatch? Will the free-for-all mode be too chaotic, or does it sound exciting? For those of you who have early access, what’s it like? Let us know in the comments below!

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