Overwatch‘s heavily anticipated Halloween-themed event has finally arrived, bringing new character skins, sprays, and an all-new horde mode called Junkenstein’s Revenge. Of course, many players will be focusing on the event skins, which include a witch skin for Mercy (with Caduceus Broomstick), a mad scientist skin for Junkrat, a headless horseman skin for Reaper, and more, all of which you can see below!

The horde mode replaces the usual brawls with a modified, creepy version of Eichenwalde’s castle gate, which must be defended by a group of four players (chosen from Soldier: 76, Ana, McCree, and Hanzo) from numerous Zomnics, Reaper, Junkenstein, and finally Junkenstein’s Monster (backed up by witch Mercy!).

The usual loot boxes have been temporarily replaced with jack-o-lantern baskets for the duration of the event; they will give a mixture of standard loot and Halloween loot. As an improvement on the Summer Games event, where Legendary skins could not be acquired except by chance through loot boxes, this event’s Legendary skins can be purchased with credits. The same applies to all Halloween epic skins, sprays, victory poses, and highlight intros. Which ones are you hoping for?

Source: PC Gamer

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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