Blizzard has just released an infographic showing just how much went on during Overwatch‘s Uprising event, which concluded just over a week ago. Among other interesting statistics, players completed 145,506,333 runs of the Uprising brawl (the Null Sector bots won roughly 54% of the time, sadly), destroyed over 8.5 billion Null Sector Omnics, and unlocked 815,548,819 event lootboxes.

Aside from those huge numbers, there are several more interesting and impressive stats to be found here. Average winrates are one of these, with players achieving victory from 75% of games in Easy mode but just over half of one percent in Legendary mode. Meanwhile, the most Omnics destroyed by a single player was a mindblowing 2,360 by a PlayStation 4 player (I don’t know how they managed that). The fastest completion time for the mode was 10 minutes and 48 seconds in Easy mode, while someone managed to speed through Legendary mode and complete it in exactly 14 minutes. You can see the full infographic and all the extra details it contains in the gallery below!

How did you find the event? What was the highest difficult mode you beat? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Play Overwatch

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