A competitive mode for Overwatch was recently announced and released for PC, and now the update has come to consoles. Competitive mode allows players to compete in ranked matches in order to increase their standing by winning. This new mode is limited only to players above level 25, and only after they have completed ten placement matches to determine their initial ranking. In addition, some matches are longer or played with different rules in order to declare a firm winner between opposing teams. Special rewards like golden weapons can only be earned in competitive mode, and some can only be redeemed once a season, which change out once every three months with a two week off season in between.

Of course, no update is complete without other balance patches, which include the
removal of the “Avoid Player” feature to prevent players from simply blocking all high ranking players from competing against them. Several characters were buffed and nerfed, and several bugs, glitches, and some localization issues were fixed. A notable omission from this update is the Torbjorn nerf many players have been expecting when it comes to all turret teams. If you are interested in the fun details, check out the patch notes on Battle.net.

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Source: Battle.net

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