The game director for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, recently gave an interview to the UK Sunday Express where he discussed the idea of bringing the game to Nintendo’s Switch console. Unfortunately, while the team tries to remain “open-minded,” he admitted that this possibility is unlikely due to the technical challenges such a version would create.

Primarily, because the game’s minimum specifications are designed for more powerful systems like PCs, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4, it would require Blizzard’s development team to ”
revisit performance” in order to get the less powerful Switch to run the game at a playable level. In addition, they are currently coordinating patches on three different platforms, something which is already difficult to keep in check. Adopting the Switch as a fourth console would add yet another layer to that task. Jeff did stress that they were still open to bringing the game to new platforms; it is simply a case of the Switch not being powerful enough.

“I think the problem is, we’ve really targeted our min spec in a way that we would have to revisit performance and how to get on that platform.

“And also, it’s already challenging right now maintaining three platforms and patching simultaneously, which is something that we’ve finally been able to achieve. Our first couple of patches would come out on PC first and then later on the consoles. And a lot of that is because you’re working with Microsoft and Sony, and you want to be compliant to their ecosystems. Adding a third ecosystem to that just adds a lot of complexity for us, as well.

“But I always like to tell people we’re very open-minded about what platforms we could be on. Just because we’re not on a platform right now, it doesn’t mean we won’t reconsider it in the future, so we stay aware of all these things.” — Jeff Kaplan

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Source: Sunday Express

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