It’s nearly Christmastime, and Blizzard is releasing a new holiday event in Overwatch, with new skins and an all-new game mode. So far, we don’t know for sure what these skins will look like, or even what characters they’ll be released for. However, Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that Hanzo will be among the heroes receiving new skins, as he’s getting a “long-awaited” skin that’s been seen before in the comics.

The new game mode is named “Mei’s Yeti Hunt,” and even Kaplan admits that it’s “kind of silly and kind of ridiculous.” Essentially, the game consists of a battle between two teams: five Mei players pitted against one Winston player, who acts as the “Yeti.” A number of pieces of meat are spread out all over a map, and it is Winston’s job to scavenge as much of it as he can in order to trigger his ultimate ability, Primal Rage; the Meis, meanwhile, do their best to kill Winston before he can activate it. If Winston manages to enable his Primal Rage, the game flips, and it is his job to kill as many Meis as possible, while they run for their lives. If Winston survives, and manages to kill enough Meis, he wins the game; otherwise, if he is killed, the team of Meis win.

Mei is even getting a special new ability, Ice Trap, that’ll be exclusive for Mei’s Yeti Hunt. Ice Trap will aid Mei in fending off Winston during the first phase of each game.

Along with Mei’s Yeti Hunt, Blizzard is also giving players access to Mei’s Snowball Offensive, the special game mode from the last holiday event. Like Mei’s Yeti Hunt, Mei’s Snowball Offensive is a lighthearted, entertaining game mode, not meant to be taken very seriously, and essentially consists of a huge snowball fight between different heroes.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to try out this year’s Winter Wonderland? Do you have ideas over what the new skins could look like? Be sure to try it all out tomorrow!

Source: Polygon

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