Blizzard Entertainment has just posted a new Overwatch video where the developers discussed the inspirations behind Orisa, the game’s newest hero. In the video, we see how the hero’s abilities were developed, what the developers envisaged her role to be, and more—including, finally, the official date of her deployment into the game’s main servers.

Orisa is the third character to be added post-launch, after Ana and Sombra, and she will be leaving the
Overwatch test servers and going into the live version this coming Tuesday (21st March). According to the video, she was originally playtested using a modified model of Zarya carrying Bastion’s minigun (a terrifying thought!). Her role in the game, however, is planned to be more akin to Reinhardt, as Orisa takes on the role of a supporting “anchor” tank character with her deployable shields and a damage-boosting ultimate ability.

“Reinhardt is one of the only characters that can can really stand his ground, mark a spot, and move with his team real slow. So we thought there was a great opportunity there for another option.”

Geoff Goodman

Have you tried out Orisa on the PTR? Do you think she’ll shake up the meta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer

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