Blizzard Entertainment has just added a new Assault map to the Public Test Realm servers for their shooter Overwatch. The map is set in the Horizon lunar base, where the hero Winston grew up before coming to Earth, and features a new low-gravity area where players can flank the defenders.

In the lore, the colony was used to test genetic therapy on apes, gorillas, and chimps to give them enhanced intelligence (think Planet of the Apes but on the moon). However, an unknown emergency caused the base to be abandoned, with Winston escaping to Earth and later helping form the Overwatch organization. Blizzard released some mock emails from base personnel discussing mysterious happenings regarding the apes (in particular, one called Hammond; keep an eye on this), as well as the trailer above.

As well as a low-gravity outdoor area, the map also features Winston’s room from the Recall animated short, a working telescope which can be used to view Earth, and a bunch of different rooms and flanking routes. Be aware, however, that at the time of writing the PTR is suffering from memory leak issues that can crash the game on lower-spec systems, so you may want to hold off on visiting the Moon for a while!

Source: PC Gamer

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Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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