It’s summertime, and that means that another Overwatch event is getting ready to kick off. Starting tomorrow, August 9th, players can jump into the 3rd annual Summer Games event. The name of the game this time is Lucioball again—the Rocket League-esque faceoff that sees teams of three Lucios trying to blast a soccer ball into their respective goal. The action drops in Busan, South Korea this year, so get those passports ready and those suitcases packed because you only have until August 30th to join the fun. Some of the Overwatch heroes are celebrating with new skins, so be sure to get those while you can!

D.Va returns to her home country with her new Waveracer skin. A more casual look for the MEKA pilot, Waveracer D.Va is sporting pink shorts, a blue lifejacket, sunglasses, and a fashionable bun. Her MEKA is getting in on the festivities with a blue floral design.

If D.Va is trying to stay cool in the water, Ana is taking a shadier approach with her Cabana Ana skin. Summertime also means that football season is right around the corner, and Reinhardt is gearing up to take the field in his Gridironhardt skin. Winston is getting into the sporting mood, though he seems to prefer baseball as he dons his Catcher skin. All of these skins are Legendary, so it might take some time to get them unless you’re lucky!

Source: Blizzard

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