By now most of us can at least recognize that the Wii U itself is not a success. Not that it can’t be a success in the future, but currently it’s not doing well. Wedbush Securities’ analyst Michael Pachter weighed in on Nintendo’s Wii U in the latest issue of Game Informer. He explains why it hasn’t caught on in his mind, and how it has to really surprise people to recover at this point. In addition, he mentions how overall, he feels it is an impossible mountain to climb. It all started with this question from Game Informer:

“Is there any reasonable scenario where there’s a positive way forward for the Wii U at this point?”

Here is Pachter’s response:

“They’d have to really surprise us. The Wii did something that the Wii U isn’t doing – it captured our imagination, because the way the Wiimote worked, it was so easy and intuitive and fun that people were willing to give it a try. The price point, which I believe was $249 at launch, was so cheap relative to the $399 Xbox 360 and the $599 PS3 that a lot more people were willing to try it. And then there was Nintendo’s reputation as having much more family-friendly games.

I don’t think the Wii U does any of those things. My mom came over to my house – she was 83 when I got a Wii – and she was playing and laughing so hard that tears were running down her face. She picked up the Wiimote and she knew exactly what she was doing to the play Wii tennis. It was just obvious. She came over last year, and we had the Wii U. She wanted to know if we had any new consoles. We handed her the GamePad she was completely baffled – no idea what to do with it. If you play, you know that it’s not that intuitive. I think that they are so interested in innovating, that they tried something that was a little too innovative, and it wasn’t intuitive. So, no, I don’t think they recover. I think they screwed that up royally. They’re going to have to scrap it. There’s a reason why we have game controllers, and if you remember back in the day, Nintendo invented the game controller. The NES came with a game controller. They were the first guys who did it., and they came up with something because it made sense.” — Michael Pachter

A few points made towards the end seem a tad off, but his stance is understandable. My parents too have no idea what to do when I hand them the GamePad and they are in their 40’s.

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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