SEGA’s classic Sonic franchise will be making the jump to the silver screen on November 15th. Reactions to leaked images of Sonic’s new look have been mixed, to say the least, but we’ve yet to see the Blue Blur in action. That could be changing soon, however, as some attendees of CinemaCon 2019 were just shown the first footage.

Two trailers were unveiled at the convention, the first focusing on protagonist Sonic the Hedgehog and the second on the villainous Dr. Robotnik. In the first, Sonic speeds by at 700 miles per hour while listening to Gangsta’s Paradise, apparently on the run from the government. James Marsden’s Sheriff character takes Sonic down with a tranquilizer gun. Sonic asks the Sheriff to help him save his planet, which is under attack by robots. The game’s iconic gold rings are introduced as some sort of teleportation device in this movie.

Jim Carrey then appeared on stage to introduce the next trailer, as he plays the role of Dr. Robotnik in the upcoming film. Robotnik is seen arguing with military officers, saying such lines as “I was spitting out formulas when you were spitting up formulas.” Marsden’s character reportedly replies to this with, “I was breastfed.” Slashfilm describes his scenes as “incredibly over-the-top, and painfully unfunny.”

Early impressions of the humor and story have not been good, but the general public has yet to see the footage. As for the visuals, SlashFilm describes Sonic’s finished look as being similar to Detective Pikachu, but “lackluster” in comparison and with an added emphasis on fur.

Source: SlashFilm, Deadline

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