Paper Mario: Color Splash recently launched on Wii U, and it’s receiving mostly positive reviews, but it’s not without its flaws. As YouTuber Fatguy703 discovered, a developer oversight related to the game’s card-based battle mechanics can create quite an annoying predicament.

Certain enemies can’t be hit with a hammer card (while others can’t be jumped on), and there are battles that the player can’t flee from. If you happen to enter a battle that doesn’t allow fleeing and you don’t have the right cards, you’ll be forced to either reset your game or waste all of your cards one by one. You can check out footage of this problem by clicking above.

Some viewers have asked why the player doesn’t simply pay 10 coins to perform a Battle Spin and get some new cards, but that can’t be done for the same reason that he couldn’t flee. If Kamek appears, both are locked.

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