Shenmue III took Kickstarter by storm back in June when everybody in the video game community decided to throw as much money as possible at the project out of sheer love. Those who didn’t get the chance to throw their money during the game’s initial Kickstarter campaign currently have the chance to throw their money through PayPal. However, those who throw money on PayPal will not be receiving the same rewards as those who threw money on Kickstarter. A poll  was given to Kickstarter backers who threw more than five dollars at Shenmue III to decide whether PayPal money throwers should have access to the Kickstarter-exclusive rewards for backing. The fairly close results seem to have determined the outcome.

6,432 people responded to the proposition indifferently. They didn’t care whether PayPal donaters were given Kickstarter rewards or not. The 4,009 backers who voted against giving Kickstarter exclusive rewards to PayPal backers were outnumbered by the 4,670 people who said the opposite. Despite the minority of reward sharing naysayers, it seems that the developers have gone with the cheaper option of forgoing the rewards. Considering the large amount of indifference, it’s not a ludicrous decision. However, many backers are speaking out against the announcement, and it’s not too late for the decision to be reversed. If it isn’t, maybe the saved money can go into developing the game as it should.

You can continue to throw money at Shenmue III at the project’s PayPal page if you have a hankering for money throwing right now.

Source: GameSpot

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