The Xbox One exclusive Phantom Dust has officially become vaporware. Ever since the reboot was announced last year at E3, Microsoft has become increasingly vague on the details of the game. Couple that with the developer assigned to the title shutting down, the future never seemed bright for Phantom Dust. Now, Microsoft has officially spoken out about the game’s troubles.

While Phantom Dust does not have an active developer at the moment, Microsoft carefully avoided stating that the project is outright canceled. However, without a studio working on the game, we can be sure we won’t hear much about Phantom Dust for a while.

“It has been a passion project for Phil [Spencer] and a lot of folks on the team and we are currently exploring what we are going to do in the long term. The project is not cancelled. We don’t have an active developer on it right now.” — Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Head of Marketing

Do we have another Last Guardian on our hands? I hope fans of the original Phantom Dust can keep their hopes in check. We won’t be seeing this game for a long time, if ever.

Source: Gamertag

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