Disintegration Games, a game development studio from North America, has announced a “clever game” for the Wii U titled Pilgrim. It is described as “a game about choices, consequence, and time.” Early screenshots show what looks like a gloomy Victorian town, although the developer mentions that it takes place over a 100-year time span.

While it is nice to see more indie developers turning to the Wii U, I cannot be too enthusiastic for this title with so little information available at the moment, despite the fact that my internal Nintendo fanboy is screaming at me for refusing to shower this announcement in hype.

A big reason for my apparent cynicism is a comparison I make only begrudgingly: it reminds me of
The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. Since the cat is now out of the bag I might as well go one step further and just spit it out: it looks like a walking simulator. The full game description reads as follows:

A game about choices, consequence, and time. Pilgrim takes place over a 100 year period as you play out the lives of multiple characters related to another through lineage. The main objective is to successfully pave the way for future generations in a family by making the most out of your life today to a degree of lasting effect. Time isn’t always on your side however. Pilgrim on Wii U begins its adventure opening to Andrew Stewart a young Scottish immigrant being motivated by his parents to sail over seas to America in order to thrive. Once stateside, Andrew can find employment, mature into an adult and fall in love leading into a family before growing old and passing away. The main objective is to mature and pass your life experiences to your kin and live long enough to make a difference in their lives as they may learn and carry after you have passed on. The main antagonist fighting your chances of success is only time.

The rest of the description, as well as a developer interview, can be found here. The information presented gives only vague hints of the gameplay, claiming players will have to overcome non-traditional obstacles, such as disease and aging, while trying to accomplish a certain set of objectives before their inevitable death. It goes without saying that I’d love the game to lay my doubts to rest, but the description’s wording combined with the “gloomy town” images raise red flags. In recent memory, way too many games go the “artsy” route, existing only as “interactive experiences” rather than actual games with content. This is a trend that I personally dislike, so any game having the vaguest bit of resemblance to the genre has to work very hard to work past my doubts.

What do you think? Does
Pilgrim look interesting to you, and do you have any issues with the influx of “walking simulators”?

Source: Nexis Gaming

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