Exactly one month ago today, The Pokémon Company surprised us with the announcement of Pokémon GO, a mobile game that lets you capture and battle Pokémon in the real world through the use of augmented reality. Initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, and fans are already very excited. But we still known very little about Pokémon Go, and it won’t be releasing until next year.

However, we should be getting more details very soon. That’s according to Niantic representative Evan Dexter, who stated a few weeks back that plans for the mobile
Pokémon game will be revealed in mid-October.

“We’re not quite ready to talk in more depth about Pokémon GO than what was revealed in the announcement press release and assets. Come mid-October we’ll be able to start going into more depth about our plans for the game, and about our plans for real world gaming overall.”
— Evan Dexter

If plans at Niantic haven’t changed, we should be hearing more details about Pokémon GO in the very near future. What features would you like to see announced for the game?

Source: Slate (via Nintendo Everything)

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