At last year’s E3, Nintendo unveiled a Wii U tech demo called Project Guard. The demo involved protecting a base from invasion by jumping from camera to camera via the GamePad and targeting enemies. Little was said about Project Guard for a long time, but we learned during this year’s E3 that it’s still in development and it’s related to Star Fox Zero. The exact nature of the connection between the two games is unknown, but what we do know, thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto, is that Project Guard, like Star Fox Zero, is being developed by Platinum Games.

Wall Street Journal: Why don’t more games make such innovative use of the GamePad controller?

Miyamoto: Last year at E3, we showed a number of different experiments using the GamePad, some of which we’ve already released and some we’re preparing for release now and showing here. There are others, like “Project Guard,” which we showed last year and are progressing on. Project Guard is a game we’re working on together with Platinum Games as well.

We’re still not entirely sure if
Project Guard is its own separate game (Miyamoto refers to it as a “game” here rather than a demo or a game mode) or part of Star Fox Zero itself, but the two are definitely related, and Platinum Games is working with Nintendo on both. Hopefully we’ll have answers soon.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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