After a long wait made longer by several delays, Nintendo finally launched Star Fox Zero on Wii U last month. The highly-anticipated return of Star Fox to the home console didn’t get the reception Nintendo was hoping for when they officially unveiled it at E3 last year, as many conference attendees (including several members of the Gamnesia team) found the controls less than user friendly.

Platinum Games Directors Yugo Hayashi and Yusuke Hashimoto recently sat down with US Gamer to discuss their recent release, and Hayashi addressed the game’s lackluster reception. While he admitted that a crowded venue with time constraints like E3 was probably not a good place to debut a game with such a radically different new control style, he believes that players can do “cool things” once they’ve mastered the controls.

“Thinking back to that E3, it’s obviously an event where there are lots of people around and you get a very short amount of playtime, so it definitely did feel to me then that it probably wasn’t the best environment to be presented with a completely new control style. And what’s great about an action game is that you have these responsive controls that you master and they become very intuitive and you’re able to do all these cool things, so what we want people to get out of this game is being able to get used to these controls, master these controls, feel like they’re able to do cool things with them, go for higher scores – really enjoy the arcade action.

“And just to continue on from that, it’s precisely that reason that we added the training mode in the eventual full version of the game, because we felt like people would need a lot of time to get used to the controls, to really have them feel good. Another thing that was important with the training mode is that people would be able to try out vehicles before they ever see them in the story mode so that, the first time they show up in the story mode, they’re not just completely confused. So, it’s definitely something we were cognizant of – the need for people to have a slow warm up to the controls. So the training mode is definitely something that we want people to play before they do play the full version.”
— Yugo Hayashi

Star Fox Zero got a mixed reception from reviewers at launch, and the controls continued to be an especially divisive element.

Source: US Gamer

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