Throughout the week, rumors have spread regarding a new song hidden within one of Splatoon‘s Octo Valley stages. Some players who have found the song in this particular zipline area of Stage 10, Inkrail Skyscape, believe it is a variation of “Totaka’s Song.” However, YouTube user Travis Nelson wanted to be completely sure of these given answers, and so he went and recorded his playthrough, traveling to the hidden song and listening to it in full for any resemblance to “Totaka’s Song.” His answer after listening to the song? “Hmm…doesn’t look like it.”

In his YouTube video documenting his Splatoon search for the hidden song, Nelson insists that the newfound rhythm does not in any way hold likeness to “Totaka’s Song.” So, if it is not “Totaka’s Song,” what exactly is it? Well…no one knows. So far on the quest to identify the tune, all fans have drawn a blank.

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