While the PlayStation 4 is a great system, there are just certain functions the system can’t do. While some of these seem simple enough, already present in the PlayStation 3, they’ve finally made their way to Sony’s newest console. The newest firmware is codenamed Masamune and brings some long awaited features such as music playback, custom dashboards, and more.

The most prominent feature of this update is undoubtedly Share Play. This feature allows gamers to play online multiplayer with their friends who don’t own a copy of the game. Furthermore, this feature allows you to hand off control to a friend online as if they were sitting in the same room. Bundled with Share Play is a new dedicated YouTube app as well as the ability to record and upload videos to it.

Some other features announced include: music and video playback, a new method of content area organization, and custom dashboards. The playback feature allows you to play any music or video through any sort of USB storage for filetypes MP3, M4A, MP4, and 3GP. The content area will now display your fifteen most recent items and leave the rest to the library. Finally, the dashboard can now be changed from the default blue to a variety of colors including gold, green, purple, red, green, pink, grey, and dark blue.

While these features seem like they should have been there from the start, it’s nice to finally get them. Better late than never, right?

Are you happy with what’s being added or did they forget a feature you wanted to see? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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