Highly-anticipated indie title Yooka-Laylee will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 11th, but unfortunately, the Wii U version has been cancelled. Developer Playtonic Games announced a few days ago that they ran into “unforeseen technical issues” with the system, and they’re hoping to bring it to Nintendo Switch instead.

Much of the game’s Kickstarter support came from Wii U owners, and many have them have been asking why Playtonic Games waited so long to reveal that the Wii U version had been axed. A new FAQ just went up on the game’s official Kickstarter, and it addresses that question.

“The Playtonic team wanted to explore every possible avenue before making the very difficult decision to transfer development from the Wii U. Our developers worked tirelessly over many months in attempt to solve our technical issues, but unfortunately it’s not been possible to bring Yooka-Laylee to Wii U as originally planned.”
— Playtonic Games

If you were a backer on Wii U, are you satisfied with that answer?

Source: Playtonic Games

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