Hello everyone!

I’m sad to let you know the time has come to stop expecting weekly episodes from Gamnesia’s very own
Nintendo Week Podcast. Gamnesia’s undergoing some changes behind-the-scenes, and myself, Alex, and Ben have all had a rough year—we just don’t have the time and energy we did when we started the show just about two years ago (time flies!).

You may have noticed this has been a long time coming, as we changed the format up late last year, our YouTube activity has plummeted in the last two months, and we even took a break for all of December.

We still love all you guys, and we’ll be making new episodes when we can! Every time we do, you’ll find them on
iTunes, Podbean, and of course here at Gamnesia—and of course you can stay in touch with us and up-to-date on the show’s production in the Facebook group, Nintendo Week Fun Club, or with myself, Alex, and Ben on Twitter.

Unfortunately we don’t yet know what this means for Nintendo Week’s presence on the YouTube channel,
GamnesiaTV, and our NWC articles and videos.

Thank you all so much for the time and support you’ve given us in the last two years. We’re so grateful to have a successful podcast running new episodes (almost) every week for two whole years, and they’ve been full of fun! But you know how it goes: life happens, and unfortunately for now, that means Nintendo Week has to take a backseat.

Please understand!

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