King K. Rool is perhaps the world’s most popular choice for a Super Smash Bros. newcomer, and we too would love to see the Kremling King make his debut in Nintendo’s flagship fighting game. In fact, K. Rool himself was a big talking point during this week’s episode of Nintendo Week, where we discussed our personal most-wanted newcomers for the future Super Smash Bros. series.

King K. Rool was one of many characters for whom we spent some time coming up with a potential fighting style and set of moves, and he has a ton of great history to draw from for
Smash. Check out the discussion video above to hear our ideas, or keep reading for a brief (albeit admittedly less fun) explanation in text.

What’s unique about King K. Rool is that he’s a huge heavy character who’s still extremely fast. This poses an interesting obstacle and an interesting solution, seeing as
Smash typically balances its heaviest characters by making them slow, powerful behemoths, and vice-versa. To avoid becoming an unstoppably fast, defensive, and powerful war machine, King K. Rool could be made heavy and fast, yet with only average strength and poor aerial mobility.

Many of his standard attacks could primarily use his claws and teeth, or even perhaps a few moves inspired by the boxing match from
Donkey Kong 64. His Standard Special could be a charged shot of his Blunderbuss, from Donkey Kong Country 2, acting much like Bowser Jr.’s cannonball attack. His Side Special, meanwhile, could be a long-reaching throw of his crown, as he does in the final fight of the first Donkey Kong Country game.

His Down Special could be inspired by
Donkey Kong 64, where he jumps ever-so-slightly in the air and unleashes a ground pound which sends shockwaves through the arena. This would be similar to other characters’ ground pound moves, albeit without jumping high in the air, and having a slightly slower, more lasting effect where he lands. His Up Special could be a short rocket burst from his Blunderbuss, which he used for horizontal mobility in Donkey Kong Country 2, but could be repurposed here as a recovery move, keeping in line with his poor aerial mobility.

As for his Final Smash, he could jump up high in the air and rain cannonballs down on his opponents, as he does in the first
Donkey Kong Country game.

For a quick recap, we have:

  • Special: Blunderbuss
  • Side Special: Crown Boomerang
  • Down Special: Butt Bash
  • Up Special: Blunderbuss Rocket
  • Final Smash: Cannonball Fall

Of course, there’s more than one way a character could work. What would you like to see out of King K. Rool if he ever joins
Super Smash Bros.?

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