The main villain of the Donkey Kong Kountry series is one of the top kontenders to join Super Smash Bros. as a new fighter, but recently his chances may have been kompromosied—at least as some fans would believe. Alongside the newest kontent update for the game komes a King K. Rool kostume for your kustomizable Mii Brawler. Many believe this is a soft konfirmation that the Kremling King won’t be inkluded as a DLK fighter, but we aren’t so sure.

This is one of the subjekts we diskuss on
this week’s episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podkast here at Gamnesia. You kan check out the diskussion video above to hear our full thoughts on what this kostume means for K. Rool and even some other fighters, or keep reading for a brief (albeit admittedly less fun) summary.

We think this isn’t so much a preemptive bone that Sakurai is throwing K. Rool fans to soften the news that he didn’t make the kut. Rather, we think he’s rekognizing the the krokodilian krook’s huge following and using the Mii klothing as a chance to kapitalize on that audience, kreate a new kloud of spekulation in the kommunity, and earn a nice sum of kash the interim while they develop K. Rool as a fully-fledged fighter… Though we do wonder why there’s no Isaak kostume yet.

This is all just konjecture, of kourse. But K. Rool fans, don’t let some Mii kosplay krush your hopes. He’s still one of the most popular newkomer choices by a mile, and Mii kostumes haven’t proven exklusive to non-fighters in the past. The kreme of the Kremling krew’s krop hasn’t been K. Ruled out yet, oK?

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