Happy holidays, everyone! In celebration of the holiday season, we have a very special episode of Switched On! this week. We’ve been regularly rotating guests on the podcast to introduce you to a variety of Gamnesia staff members, but for this episode, we decided it would be fun to bring back some familiar voices. Longtime listeners know that before Switched On! we had a podcast called Nintendo Week for a few years, and we’re excited to announce that this episode is a Nintendo Week reunion! Join the old crew of Ben Lamoreux, Colin McIsaac, and Alex Plant as we break down all of the latest exciting Nintendo news and share our thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

If you enjoy this episode of Switched On!, feel free to check out our previous episodes, where we tackle recent Nintendo Directs, explore Nintendo franchises that need a reboot, and more. We also have a second podcast called Gamnesia After Dark that features non-Nintendo discussion, including video games, TV shows, movies, and the lives of the Gamnesia staff in general.

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Ben Lamoreux


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